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• Incest
• Addiction
• Compulsive Masturbation
• Internet Pornography
• Cybersex Addiction
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Military Sexual Trauma
• Sexual Compulsivity
• Sexual Boredom
• Sexual Incompatibility
• Impulsive Sexual Behavior
• Sexual Identity
• Sexual Trauma & Abuse
• Sexuality and Aging
• Paraphilia
• Cross Dressing
• Abnormal Sexual Desire and Activity
• Adult and Childhood Sexual Trauma
• Pedophilia
• STD / HIV and AIDS
• Gay identity/coming out
• Male / Female Survivor of Sexual Trauma
• Premature Ejaculation

DQS Communications Healthcare Group offers sex counseling in Hampton, VA. Our well-known therapy services cater to individuals who have experienced sexual trauma. We will delve into your past and alter the way you perceive any negative event in order to create a positive and productive way of thinking.

We conduct sex therapy counseling that will benefit our clients tremendously. We aim to pin-point traumatic sexual experiences that have hindered your mental behavior. These events must be viewed with clarity and understanding in order to deal with them effectively. You did not create or invite these traumas into your life. But you must know how to deal with them in the proper way. We have advanced therapeutic training that is essential for your mental recovery.

Sexual abuse therapy encourages patients to feel good about themselves and the capabilities they have. Blaming yourself for what transpired in the past is not the answer. You must understand you are not at fault and that you have the strength inside you to overcome your self-destructing thoughts. We are here for you, and we will guide you down a path that leads to mental recovery.

We are highly adept at presenting solutions that will help you create a positive way of perceiving past traumatic events. We encourage your family members to attend family counseling as a unit so that any issues that have developed can be dealt with together.

At DQS Communications Healthcare Group, we also offer couples and marriage counseling, as well as LGBTQIA counseling.

DQS Communications Healthcare Group provides you with an outlet to resolve your personal issues. We want to offer you a way to improve your mental health in order to learn the skills that will help you develop a healthy relationship with any person you meet. Reach out to one of our therapeutic specialists to begin therapy sessions that will change your outlook on life.




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