We offer mental health counseling and therapy services in ​Virginia; for Individuals, families, couples, the LGBTQIA community, adults and children of all ages. Telephone and Video counseling is available nationwide.

If you need mental health therapy in Hampton, VA, DQS Communications Healthcare Group is for you. We are highly equipped with therapeutic...
DQS Communications Healthcare Group offers sex counseling in Hampton, VA. Our well-known therapy services cater to individuals who have...
DQS Communications Healthcare Group specializes in drug abuse in Hampton, VA. We have extensive experience in dealing with clients who...

Welcome to DQS Communications Healthcare Group

DQS Communications Healthcare Group is a therapy center that offers innovative techniques to promote a healthy way of living. Mental blocks and traumatic events destroy a person’s ability to conduct themselves in a positive manner. Applying innovative therapeutic methods to encourage productive mental behavior is our specialty.

We render mental health therapy solutions that will change the course of an individual’s life forever. Negative mental behaviors usually develop early on in life. Devastating events will have a profound effect on a person’s mind and social development, especially if these issues go unresolved. When a person does not attend to personal problems that linger in their mind, by-products arise in the form of anger, frustration, and sadness. We are here to help people resolve their issues and move forward with their life.

We also offer sex counseling for individuals who have experienced sexual abuse. This type of occurrence will leave a long-lasting impression in a person’s life that will inhibit the growth of personal relationships in the future. There will be difficulties with developing human connection unless these issues are brought to light and properly dealt with. We have experienced counselors who will help clients understand these life-altering events and come to terms with them in order for the healing process to begin.

We are also able to cater to individuals who suffer from a cycle of drug abuse. Abusing drugs is a common method of self-medication. This type of behavior only perpetuates the negative life style an individual leads. To stop this vicious cycle of abuse a person must address the reasons why the cycle of abuse started in the first place. We have the experience to guide people down the path of healing where they will identify the key issues that initially caused them to self-medicate with harmful drugs.

DQS Communications Healthcare Group has the knowledge and extensive experience to treat clients in Hampton, VA. We will go through the many programs that we offer to determine which will best suit individual needs. Schedule an appointment with us today to begin therapy sessions that will change your life.