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Communications Healthcare Group specializes in drug abuse counseling in Hampton, VA. We have extensive experience in dealing with clients who are stuck in a vicious cycle of substance abuse. We have been able to mend families and couples with our counseling for individuals and groups. Most drug abusers begin to use in order to block out past events that have affected their lives in a traumatic way. Seeking addiction therapy from a substance abuse counselor is one of the best steps you can make towards a full recovery.

Addiction therapy is a process that helps our clients to understand their addiction and how it developed. You must be able to confront traumatic experiences that are the catalysts to your drug habit. We will incorporate self-realization techniques that will assist you in seeing negative events in a different and proactive way. We are a counseling center where you can come and rehab for drugs.

We also have an alcohol treatment center that provides individuals who are suffering from alcohol abuse with a place to go and begin recovery. Do not let alcohol dictate the way you live your life. We are astute therapy specialists who are determined to give you the type of care that will promote a healthier way of thinking.

We are professional therapists who will guide you through the drugs recovery process, using proven therapeutic methods. We will teach you fundamental skills that will benefit your mental health and instill you with a sense of peace.

DQS Communications Healthcare Group is an elite therapy center that offers individual counseling, substance abuse screenings, an alcohol treatment center, and more. If you are seeking rehab for drug or alcohol addiction, pick up your phone and call us now!




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